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Configuring traps and snmptrapd

1) Snmptrapd

First you must configure program listening for traps. In my example I'll use snmptrapd included in almost any linux distro.

Default config file is located at /etc/snmp/snmp/snmptrapd.conf. If it doesn't exist or it's empty it defaults to dropping any traps. Since many devices can't properly use SNMPv3 any authentication is pointless. Instead use per IP firewall rules.

Here is very basic config file allowing any traps

  disableAuthorization yes
  # if you want to use communities insert:
  #authCommunity log,execute,net any_community_string

If you want to pass trap data to external program append this line.

  traphandle default path_to_your_executable your_optional_arguments
2)Installing extra MIBs

To install MIBs simply copy them to "/usr/share/snmp/mibs"

Then you must tell snmp to use it by adding line to snmp config file - "/etc/snmp/snmp/snmp.conf"

	mibs +ALL

Restart snmptrapd. If you see warnings about missing MIBs download them or remove MIBs causing that warning.

3) UBR7246

To condifure CMTS to send traps simply paste these commands.

Please note use of access list 2 which denies traffic using specified community.

  configure terminal
	access-list 2 deny any
	snmp-server community your_community_string RO 2
	snmp-server enable traps #enables all traps
	snmp-server host ip_of_snmptrapd your_community_string
  wr mem
4) Prisma II

Prisma II is easiest one to configure.

1. Log in to web interface

2. Click "System Settings"

3. At "SNMP Traps" click "Edit Details" on first entry.

4. Enter IP address of snmptrapd and select "Entry Enabled" .

5. Select: "Enhanced Trap Enabled ", "IP Changed Trap Enabled", "Module Inserted Trap Enabled" and "Module Removed Trap Enabled ".

6. At "Minor Alarm Trap:" and "Major Alarm Trap:" select"Alarm Set".

7. Click Apply and you're done.

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