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Limiting SNMPv1 access on Arris Cornerstne 1500 CMTS

1) Setting community string for root account.

Enter account configuration:

remote1> manage
box# accounts

Set community string for root user:

accounts# privileges-modify/1
privileges-modify/1# security-name "community_string"

Return to main manage level:

privileges-modify/1# back
accounts# back
2) Adding read-only SNMP community string.

Enter SNMP access submenu:

box# snmp
snmp# nmaccess

Create new entry and configure desired parameters:

nmaccess# access-specific/1

access-specific/1# ip-addr X.X.X.X

access-specific/1# ip-mask X.X.X.X

access-specific/1# community "SNMPv1 RO community string"

access-specific/1# interface ethernet

access-specific/1# status active

ip-addr and ip-mask - permit access from addresses
interface - permit access only from that interface

Check if it's typed-in correctly, and than go back one level

access-specific/1# info

access-specific/1# back
3) Changing administrators' group community string

Enter admins group settings. !!Warning!! Try not to make any mistake - doing so will result in locking yourself out!

nmaccess# access-spec/2147483647

access-specific/2147483647# ip-addr

access-specific/2147483647# ip-mask

access-specific/2147483647# community "commuty string from 1)"

access-specific/2147483647# back

4) Check whether it still works.
nmaccess# show access-list

If you see something about SNMP error.. well read on point 5.

5) If something goes wrong

...reseting to default values is the only option. Arris Cornerstone 1500 and 1000 are basically the same so there is same reset method.
1.Power off the device.
2.Press and hold UP and SELECT buttons.
3.Power up the device.
4.Release UP and SELECT buttons after message about diagnostics appears on the LCD.
5.Press 'E' and than 'C' (on terminal connected to console port).

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